Namco High was a game played by Dan and Cass when they found out their respective fandoms (Bravoman & Homestuck) had a crossover within. The story follows 444dx the memest b as he romantically pursues Xx-D4rkL0rD99-xX in a humorous adventure described as 'what the fuck is going on'.


One of the most notable moments during the game was Pac-man's mysterious appearance, lack of presence in the game's coding, and quote of "BE TRUE TO YOURSELF..."


  • 444dx the memest b was originally going to be named "444dx the memest bitch", but there was not enough room
  • Dan found Terezi extremely disturbing due to the in-game lick she gave 444dx the memest b
  • Dig Dug was originally mistaken for King's censor, giving them both the name, 'big naked yiff with censor'
  • Galaga was described as a 'Giant White Dick With 5 Heads'
  • Lolo was 'LOLOLOLOLOLO'
  • Dave was 'Giant Fire Dave' or 'Me. On Fire'
  • Al. B. Tross was 'A Sprite From Disgaea'
  • Aki was renamed 'Titty Game'
  • Tomari was renamed 'Smart Fat Jake'
  • Nidia was 'Ponytail'
  • Miller was 'Grease Lightning'
  • Hiromi was 'Anime Protagonist
  • Blue Max was 'The Yiffer'
  • Donko was 'A Fucking Drum'
  • Meowkie was 'Animal Crossing'
  • Valkyrie was 'Has She Ever Told You She's a Cat Person?'
  • Taira was 'Ginger Lion'
  • Terezi's typing was commented as 'Scene'

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